Original Recipe of Soto Betawi

Original Recipe of Soto Betawi

As one form of preservation of cultural heritage, Soto Betawi recipe must be known by many people. This is because Soto Betawi is a typical food of the Betawi ethnic group. Soto betawi have its own features and it has good taste. The color of the soupf of soto betawi is yellow, but there are also white sopu because the soto is mixed with coconut milk. Soto Betawi already has fans from many people in different level and class. In terms of appearance, Soto Betawi is also very tempting. Although it can be found in many places, but it's good when you know the recipes of Soto betawi. Therefore, you can make it by yourself at home. Here is a delicious recipe of Soto Betawi.

Original Recipe of Soto Betawi
Ingredients of Soto Betawi recipe:
  1. Coconut milk
  2. Fried onion to taste
  3. 3 pieces Lime leaves
  4. 1 Galangal
  5. 3 pieces of Boiled potatoes
  6. 3 points of boiled eggs
  7. 2 pieces of Medium sized tomatoes
  8. 500 grams of beef
  9. 1 stalks shallots and then sliced into small pieces
  10. 1 lemon sticks and then crushed
  11. 1 cm ginger, turmeric and burn as much as 1 cm, 5 pieces of nuts, 5 red onions, 3 cloves garlic
Steps to make Soto Betawi:

The first step in the recipe Soto Betawi is to boil the beef until cooked. Aside the broth of the beef to be make as soup for soto betawi. And then fry smooth Spices pan until you can smell the fragrant. After that, put the meat that is already boiled. Put galangal, lemon, salt, sugar, lime leaves and stir in meat. After that, pour all of ingredients that have been sautéed in broth. You can also add the soup with coconut milk if you want it. Cook the soup until the the meat becomes tender and shrunk a little sauce.

Soto Betawi usually is filled with egg slices, tomato slices, sliced boiled potatoes. Do not forget to add green onions and fried onions. Soto Betawi will have delicious taste once it is served while still warm. Especially when the air is cold and don’t forget to give complementary side dishes such as rice, chili, chips, and other dishes that can increase appetite. That’s all about original recipe of Soto Betawi. It has delicious taste that can treat your tounge and now you can try this recipes by yourself and serve it to your family or friends


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