How to Consider “Ikan Bakar Manokwari” Recipe

How to Consider “Ikan Bakar Manokwari” Recipe

This time we will try the delicacies typical of Papua that is manokwari. One of the typical dishes which are popular in Papua is “ikan bakar manokwari”. Because of Papua location close to the sea, it is no wonder if the people like to cook the fish. An “ikan bakar manokwari” dish is served with sprinkling spices fish such as sauce which is served raw mill. If you're in Manokwari of Papua, do not forget to taste the typical cuisine of this one. This grilled fish can you find in places like Anggi lakes in the Anggi district, Amban beach which is located 3.5 m from the city of Manokwari, the white sand beach which is located about 5-6 m from the city of Manokwari, Arfak mountains (nature reserve) and the monument Mansinam on the island Mansinam.

How to Consider “Ikan Bakar Manokwari” Recipe

If you do not have time to sample the grilled fish dishes typical of Manokwari, you can also serve it at home with a dish recipe to make special grilled fish Manokwari of Papua as follows. Although relatively simple, but this dishes clearly has a different cuisine of its own as well as dishes typical of other regions. With the basic ingredients accompaniment with swordfish and other condiments are ready to change simple cooking results to be special.

Ingredient of “ikan bakar manokwari”
  1. 1 swordfish in large size
  2. Lime juice or lemon
  3. Salt as much as needed
  4. Coarsely ground seasoning powder
  5. 10 pieces of onion
  6. 10 pieces red chili
  7. Salt and sugar (to taste)
Here are some of the serving methods of “Ikan Bakar Manokwari” Recipe
  1. Clean the swordfish and left whole
  2. Combine juice of lemon / lime and salt on the fish and then mix it well. After that let it stand until ± 10-15 minutes or until absorbed evenly.
  3. Prepare the embers of charcoal and then you can grill swordfish, back and forth it until cooked.
  4. Finally, you can serve the fish with a sprinkle seasoning cob sowing which is already prepared. Then, “ikan bakar manokwari” ready to eat as your special menu.

Those are theexplanation about how to make “ikan bakar manokwari” recipe. You can try it at home easily. To make the atmosphere is getting warmer; you can also try it with family or friends and eat together. We hope this article gives you new inspiration in creating new menu for your family or friends. That’s our article about “Ikan Bakar Manokwari” Recipe.


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